We have some of the most incredibly good-looking people in the industry. And we're talking about the modeling industry. We are as smart as chief librarians in Norway (the most literate country). We are as cultured as greek yogurt. And we are as diverse as America. We have people from Detroit. We have people from Utah. We have people who eat meat and people who don't, but still love hamburgers. We have politically and non politically correct people. We have former football players, tennis pros and gymnasts. We have people with hair and without. The truth is that if you meet a person from Wexley or that has ever worked here, you will meet a person you will probably like for the rest of your life. And beyond.

Cal McAllister
Co-Founder, CEO, Executive Creative Director
Melissa Wielde
Account Supervisor
Ian Cohen
Co-Founder, Executive Creative Director
Dee Dee Jones
Project Management Supervisor
Lindell Serrin
Senior Designer
Christine Wise
Partner, Director of Planning & Strategy
Annie Richards
Account Director
Maddy Giordano
Gabe Hajiani
Partner, Director of Production
David Doctor Rose
Jack of All Trades
Ivana Blank
Patrick Mullins
Creative Director
Keslie Watts
Associate Art Director
Briana Patrick
Associate Planner
Amy Lower
Project Manager
Ashley Reisen
Office Manager
Robert Scherzer
Sr. Data Strategist
Krystal Coyne
Project Coordinator
Evan Bross
Art Director
Kat O'Hara
Associate Producer
Matt Peterson
Executive Creative Director
Andre Vriesman
Senior Copywriter
Tara Cooke
Associate Producer
Gina Windemuth
Manager of Talent and Operations
Maggie Boler
Project Manager
Anna Rainwater
Senior Brand Strategist
Jen Ramirez
Account Supervisor
Natalie Williamson
Senior Engagement Strategist