Brooks is a Seattle-based international running footwear and apparel company. They are just running. We have teamed up with them for the past nine years, helping them bring to life various initiatives like their pro marathon circuit and some of their online efforts. Their overall brand theme is RUN HAPPY. Whatever we do is associated with that and whatever we’ve done with them over the years has made us happy.

The Medalist

This is one of our favorite projects of all time: Brooks was moving its world headquarters from just outside Seattle to downtown Seattle. They asked us to create something to get the Seattle running community excited about the move. So we came up with the medalist. The building itself is right outside one of Seattle’s most used running trails - the Burke Gilman Trail - and since we were concepting this idea before the actual building’s design was finished, we were able to interject the idea of building a statue to live as part of the new building’s overall design. So the medalist was born. A statue made from the actual medals of runners sent in to us from around the world. And now that statue stands as the cornerstone of the entire building. It’s one of the most daunting and amazing things we’ve ever done and been a part of. And it is very satisfying to know our work can be enjoyed for many years to come. Thank you Brooks.

Carb Happy Booth

The Run Happy Carb Happy is a large booth that goes to the main marathon circuit races where all of the runners go to pick up their race bibs and is very well attended. We’re talking Boston Marathon. Anyhow, the booth we made is a giant bowl of pasta. We gave out bags of running shoe shaped pasta and even served spaghetti. And you could run from a giant meatball inside. It was really fun and one of our personal favorites. Check it out then run along. (See what we did there?).

The Brooksy Cup

The Brooksy Cup. The roads of marathons everywhere are littered with crushed dixie cups. So in that light, this Brooks crushed cup ran around the EXPO booth and the Boston, NYC and Philadelphia marathons. There was a social element to it and a contest, but overall, it was a really simple little extension of the Run Happy Brooks brand and crazy fun.

Run Happy Holidays

We were asked to enhance the new Brooks Holliday Collection. Traditionally, an email featuring the new collection is sent out. Brooks challenged us to do something different. So we created Run Happy Holidays. A website that runners could go to to be entertained while learning about the new Holiday Collection. It was not only fun, but functional.