Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain is one of our longest tenured accounts and are now well into long-term friend status. They were the first client to come to us and say they wanted to move away from traditional media. That was bold 10 years ago. Over the years our main goal was to differentiate Copper from the highfalutin places like Vail or Aspen and position them as the nation’s local ski hill.

Everyone Deserves a Snow Day

Our main campaign: Everybody Deserves a Snow Day, is targeted mostly to warmer climates where they don’t get to enjoy the glory that is a Snow Day, so we decided to give them one. We made it snow in Austin, Dallas and Kansas City, to name a few, to drive sales from these markets. If you feel like skiing go to Copper, it rocks.

Everyone Deserves a Snow Day 2015

When the moment final comes and the snow day you so rightly deserve has normal life closed down, excited, uncontrollable physical reactions are normal. Side effects may include spine tingles, increased heart rate and momentary loss of bladder control, because your body knows it’s Copper time.

End Mountain Monogamy

Everybody needs a little variety in their lives, so we set up a promotion with Copper Mountain to let any season pass for any mountain get you a discount to ride the sweet slopes of Copper Mountain.

The Deal

So here’s The Deal; when the ice melts, the deal is over, period. We built an ice sculpture, placed a camera by it and streamed video over the internet for the whole world to see. Simple? Yup. Effective? Definitely.