Darigold is a 100 year-old Northwest Dairy company. They came to us for a brand overhaul. After extensive research and planning, we unleashed Farmalicious -Where farm meets delicious. So far, five years into it, the Northwest is considerably more Farmalicious. Call us for more specifics. It's not very farmerly for us to talk too much.

It's Farmalicious

This campaign spans five years, products from butter to Mexican sour cream and mediums from tractors and corn mazes to out of home and butter carvings. The brand doesn't just say Farmalicous, it lives it. Also, eat more dairy. it builds healthy bones and is chock full of protein. Sorry, it's what we do.

Better Butter Better

Butter has been the key product we've been featuring in our fall campaigns for Darigold. Over the past three years we've done the Better Butter Better campaign. Tons of interaction, tons of press and tons of butter sales have been the byproduct of this campaign. We've been extremely pleased with the campaign and most importantly butter sales have been up significantly during these time periods.

Darigold Cheese? Please.

We were lucky enough to help Darigold relaunch cheese. They hadn’t had it in market for 30 years and this was one of the largest product launches in company history. But they weren’t just launching cheese. They were launching all natural white cheddar. And only white cheddar. So naturally we did this campaign.


If you were to buy 182 billboards 365 days of the week throughout the entire Northwest, that would cost millions. But we did it for millions less. We turned the Darigold fleet into billboards. Honk if you like these.

Darigold Social

We helped establish all of the social content and the main website for Darigold. Since we are doing this 365 days a year, we thought we'd just show some highlights since it would take all year to read it in total. We are most proud of our really high engagement numbers without couponing.