If you’ve seen UNEEK, the new offering from KEEN footwear, you know why they gave it the name that they did. It’s a shoe made of two woven cords and a sole – and that’s it. Plus a lot of people were unsure how to even pronounce the name. The weirdness of it could have been seen as a weakness, but we saw it as its greatest strength. So we doubled down on it with the campaign “Unique UNEEK.”

Print, Website, Outdoor, Events, Trade Shows, and In-store displays introduced UNEEK with comparisons to other things that you don’t see every day but are actually amazing. Just the way the design of the shoe looks crazy but allows it to mold perfectly to your foot.

We encouraged others to be unique too. Each box was packed with a ball of cord and directions to make something of your own, sharing it with us using the #UNEEK hashtag.

All in all, the best show launch in KEEN history since their very first shoe.