We’ve worked with Microsoft over the past ten years over a myriad of business groups from XBOX to Sequel Server and hundreds of internal corporate communication agendas. The one thing that’s consistent with whatever we’re brought in to work on, is to help show more of their human side.

Hey Genius!: College Recruiting

Here’s a total rebrand for Microsoft on college campuses across North America. We targeted the top 10% of tech students and generated a ton of love. The website was the hub of our campaign. It featured live talks with developers and programmers, hidden codes, prizes, games and movies to keep students entertained at all hours. This campaign ran for three years. And was mentioned as one of the top Microsoft endeavors of the year at their company meeting. Yes the entire company.

Big Ass Phone

Our launch for Windows Phone 7.5 brought the new Live Tile operating system to life on the world’s biggest phone. We paired a live experience with streaming content and social media. Tweets to the phone: 18,000. Views on YouTube: 912,000. And everyone in Herald Square got pizza. Win-win.

Lync Launch

When you launch Microsoft Lync, you launch your company into the IT future. So we let office IT managers launch old office technology, literally.

Pushpin Project

In the early days of Microsoft mapping software, we were asked to launch an integrated social feature to create awareness and drive traffic. Since the pushpin as an icon had already moved into the digital world, we simply took the pin back out to the real world where it could be social and have some fun.

Project Red

We were tasked with launching the Microsoft-Project Red relationship that also included a Project Red Dell computer as the product. This campaign called RAISE YOUR VOICE, was a tour that went to three cities to create awareness and to tout the new Microsoft Project Red Dell computer. Yes, three clients. But it was fun.


The Tree House was the culmination of a week-long trade and press event to introduce the first Windows Phone. It was dubbed "Workplayland", where, like life, you can work and play at the same time, 24-hours a day. This lived in trade environments in NYC and Chicago. It literally stood out. And up.

Company Meeting

After realizing the annual company meeting was becoming a skip day and employees were not excited for the day, we were asked to come in and add life to the event. After the first year we did it, with the help of RAINN WILSON, we garnered a 92% satisfaction rate and helped up attendance from 12K to 22K and 90K worldwide watched on Simulcast. We were awarded the next three company meetings, which enjoyed similar success. Check it out.