Oberto Beef jerky is a quirky national brand based out of Washington State. It competes with Jack Links on a national scale, which is no small feat. And it has long since been one of the most loved brands in the northwest.

Acquire A Taste For Excellence

When Oberto came to us they had just bought themselves back from Frito-Lay. The main reason was to get back to making better jerky. Which is why we unabashedly called out its excellence and created a campaign that asks people not to just buy Oberto, but to: Acquire a Taste for Excellence. 
In a category where we are outspent by our main competition, Jack Links we were silly excited about the success. This national campaign also features one of the best things we've ever done: We flew our client and our producer to rural Ohio to give away an Assload of Jerky. Check it out. It's most excellent.

Seven Second TV

These spots are all 7 seconds.

Oberto Social

For two years we were the voice of Oberto throughout their social media platforms. We took the Facebook page from 1.5K fans to 145K in six months.