Restore the R

In case you were living under a rock in Seattle in the '70s, The Rainier Beer R was an iconic symbol of the Seattle skyline, until the brewery shut down a few decades ago. Anyhow, we were working on the grand opening of the new Museum of History and Industry and found the old run down "R" leaning up against the wall of the museum. We reached out to Rainier, who still sells the beer in the Pacific Northwest, about an idea we had to restore the R and they got excited. RestoreTheR.com was the landing page where we challenged contestants from all over the world to earn "bulbs” by sending photos of themselves accomplishing the tasks we set forth on the site. They did, and then we did, restore the R that is. After that, they actually replaced the R on the building to the delight of Seattleites everywhere. Cheers.