Value Village

Because Value Village/Savers supports local charities, keeps millions of pounds out of landfills and also has a selection of the world’s best thrift stuff and is international and has a world famous rap video filmed in one of our locations, we have earned the right to be called the World’s Greatest Thrift Shop! It really is, even if we are being cheeky here.

Find the Find

Finding the Find is the exact feeling everyone gets when they find that perfect item at Value Village for like 3 dollars. It’s exhilarating. We wanted to capture that feeling with these simple spots. Find the Find!


When we started with Value Village they had attained the music for Macklemore’s Thrift Shop. They wanted to know if we could do anything with it? We ended up writing our own version and then three year’s later writing our own version of a few other hits. It’s been a lot of fun and Halloween sales are now their highest sales time of the year. It’s scary how fun this is.

Bargain Hunter

The best part of shopping at a thrift store is finding a bargain. And the serious thrifter is not just finding a bargain they are hunting it. And trust us, some of these real bargain hunters are every bit as serious about bagging their prey as real hunters.

Donate at Value Village

Most people do not realize that Value Village/Savers is a for profit company that gives millions to local non-profits and keeps millions of pounds out of land fills. As we do our shopping campaign, we also have the tough challenge of telling our donation story. Because they only can sell what they are donated, this is a huge part of our job.