Seattle Sounders FC

7 years ago The Seattle Sounders FC came to us with just a logo, no team, no players and asked us to help them sell out a giant stadium. So we were like, sure. To get the city excited and differentiate the Sounders from the other mega NBA, NFL and MLB teams we decided to go grass roots and focus on the scarf. In the end, together with an incredible ownership group and clients (we also call friends), we broke every record in the league for ticket sales, and sold out every game. And we’ve been doing it every since. Toot. Toot.

Launch Campaign: Scarves Up!

This campaign was really two campaigns. We launched Give Us Your Full 90. Which to this date is still working. But to really get the fans involved and doing something, we created Scarves Up! Scarves Up, was really a rallying cry and way for us to have our fans badge themselves with something as simple as a scarf. We knew that scarves were symbols of soccer passion in parts of Europe and thought we could really create something exciting around them here in the US. Check it out.


Since we came into the league, the Sounders have worn Rave Green jerseys. It's our main color. So to get back to the roots of the brand and the essence of what makes going to a Sounders game the best soccer experience in the US, which is the rabid raving fan base, we created the campaign simple called: RAVE. It is a bit more serious than the past years, but still engaging and in this case intense. It was also highly interactive as you can see by the social projections we did around the city. This has been the campaign for the past three years.

Date with a Sounder

After successfully launching the team in 2009 and a successful sophomore season in 2010, we needed to start building some love for their players, not just the team or match experience. So we invited the city of Seattle on a Date With a Sounder, a fun campaign aimed at introducing the city to the players and literally fall in love with them. Yes, Brad Evan’s wife was sort of pissed.

Play the Full 90

Our goal with this campaign was to have fun and show off the player personalities. Like the campaign says, "It's a game that's also a show!”

Good Playoff Karma

In 2014 the Sounders wanted a way to get fans hyped for the playoffs. We did them one better by giving the fans a way to literally control the outcome of the game. Sort of. #GoodPlayoffKarma suggested that if Seattleites did enough good deeds, the collective karma would help their team win. We were trending on the first day the campaign launched. Then we kept the good deeds going through television, social media, partnerships and team events. Plus the team made it to the Western Conference Championship. Boom. Karma.

Season Ticket Renewals

Toward the end of each season, the Sounders FC ask us to help renew Season Ticket memberships for the upcoming season. For each of the 3 seasons the team has been in the MLS, we’ve successfully renewed season tickets at a rate of 97%, 88%, and 92%. Included in our season ticket renewal campaigns are a premium mailer, email blast and microsite. These renewal rates are some of the best in any professional sport. It's not just us, but we're proud of it anyhow.

Sounders Preparedness

As the 2012 season kicked off we wanted to get fans ready. So to build excitement and reposition Sounders games as a seriously exciting experience, we put out a series of PSA-style announcements to make sure everyone was ready for what was in store. Sounders Ready spanned Out-of-Home, digital, radio and in-stadium activations. We gave away Sounders branded athletic tape, chant-books, provided an online test to see if you were truly ready and even co-ordinated a blood drive. Are you Sounders ready? We are.