Taco Del Mar

Taco Del Mar is a Baja-style Mexican food chain. They started in Seattle then started to spread nationally in pockets. We were asked to rejuvenate the brand and help drive traffic and sales in a cluttered market. And help them grow nationally as they expanded to new markets.

Launch Campaign: ¡Of Course! ¡Of Course!

Did this first campaign we did for Taco Del Mar work? Of course. Of course. This integrated campaign is called “Of Course! Of Course!” Like in, want to see the work? Of Course. Of Course. We owned the entire brand from look and feel to advertising to social voice and activation events.

Year Dos (That's Two in Spanish)

Hola and welcome to our second year of Taco Del Mar. After a successful launch, this campaign is all about bringing the Baja to the people. Taco Del Mar is Baja-styled Mexican fast food and we just wanted to capture that essence and have our usual fun with it. We are also proud of the role puppies played on the Facebook page and with the fact that sales went Norte (that’s Spanish for north, which is a clever English way of saying “up.”)

Beach Volleyball

When you can’t bring Seattle to the Baja, sometimes you have to bring the Baja to Seattle. For this activation and brand event, we literally brought tons of sand into downtown Seattle and played volleyball and gave out some delicious Baja Mexican food to the city. It was a deliciously great day.

Taco Del Mar Social

For two years we were the voice of TDM. We did everything social and had a highly engaged fan base. We were mostly on Twitter and Facebook. Look at some of these posts.