Virginia Mason Medical Center

VM is one of the most respected hospitals in the country. It’s up there with Mayo Clinic, Duke, Johns Hopkins, but a lot of people in Seattle don’t know they exist. So, together with this remarkable institution, we’ve developed the campaign: Be Remarkable. And instead of just doing ads touting that, we tried to be remarkable with everything we do. It’s some of our favorite work ever. And the 4 out of 5 doctors at VM agree!

This Unremarkable Moment

Sometimes, the most remarkable thing about surviving cancer is getting back to normal, everyday life. Our inaugural TV campaign for the Virginia Mason Cancer Institute featured real cancer survivors in the unremarkable moments of everyday life, doing the ordinary things that most of us take for granted.

Cancer Fades Away

We also created a series of water-soluble billboards that faded in the elements. Over a two-week window, the word CANCER faded completely away. In another set of billboards, CANCER was gradually tagged over by street art. We made sure each piece of graffiti was the name of a Virginia Mason doctor.

Orthopedics and Sports Medicine - Announce Your Comeback

Anyone can make a world-changing comeback. Virginia Mason Orthopedics and Sports Medicine has helped many of Seattle’s top pro athletes do it. So we asked three-time gold medalist Sue Bird to share the proverbial spotlight with some real patients who were ready to announce a comeback to what they love.

Primary Care Services - Remarkable Care Right In Your Backyard

Did you know there’s a Virginia Mason medical center right in your own backyard? You’re not alone. Most people in Seattle had no idea there are actually 8 regional medical centers around Seattle. So we brought a team of actual, world-renowned Virginia Mason doctors into one couple’s backyard to prove the point.