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Material glossary

Material glossary


CORDURA® Ballistic fabric, the original ballistic weave developed for military body armor, has exceptional strength-to- weight ratio in addition to abrasion and tear resistance.

The Ballistic Nylon 1050D better than the 1680D

While you might think it’s a heavier fabric (1680D being a bigger number than 1050D), in reality, the 1680D cloth is woven with a single ply of 1680 denier yarn, while the 1050D Ballistic is woven as a two-ply fabric (with two yarns woven as one — it could actually be called a “2100 denier” fabric). Additionally the 1680D yarns are generally not high tenacity nylon, resulting in the 1680D fabric having a lower abrasion resistance.

The Ballistic Nylon 1050D is a certified military material.The Ballistic 1680D is very famous for the manufacture of backpacks or sports bags, because its price is relatively low. Its quality certainly can not be compared to military materials.

> 1050D Ballistic Nylon VS. 1680 Ballistic Nylon: The stoll abrasion test.


We build our gear with a purpose, and the materials used are often the most important aspect. We have constructed some of our rough-and-tumble products with a material called X-Pac™, it’s not only visibly durable, but built for the adventure ahead. Trust these products to hold up for the long haul.


X-Pac is a composite fabric comprised of multiple layers laminated into a single sheet. The layers in the standard pack cloth consist of a nylon face fabric, a polyester “X-Ply” mesh, a waterproof film and light taffeta backing with a water-resistant coating.

Dimension-Polyant, the company discovered that much of the technology they had developed for making specialized racing sails was also capable of producing a unique bag material.

Dimension-Polyant, sets the standard for all the high quality fabrics used in sailcloth for yacht sails, dinghy sails, surf sails, surf kites, hang gliders, paragliders, hot air balloons, Wexley packs and much more.

> The X-Pac material is milled in Connecticut, USA.


PU coated fabric is made up of a synthetic woven base fabric (usually polyester or nylon) with a waterproofing Polyurethane Coating or laminate. The polyurethane coating is applied to a single side of the base fabric, this makes the fabric water resistant, light weight, and flexible. Applications include: camping tents, light duty covers, clothing, bags, and backpacks.


The original CORDURA™ fabrics are synonymous with durability and reliability – ideal traits when you want to build bags designed to last.

Abrasion Resistance
Cordura material is well known for its excellent abrasion resistance.. This is largely due to the air texturing applied during manufacture. Since this causes the fabric to thicken, it evens out the wear and tear, making the material less likely to split.
Water Resistant
While Cordura backpacks are not waterproof, they are water resistant. This means, that for a little while, backpacks made from this material are able to prevent moisture from seeping in.

> Cordura


The abbreviation PES means polyester. It refers to the most currently used synthetic textile fibre in the world : more than 70 % of synthetic fibres on the market-place are made of polyester. It can be mixed with cotton or wool.

DuPont’s Role

It was in 1946 that Dupont bought all legal rights from ICI. In 1950, the Delaware property of Dupont manufactured another polyester fiber, which they named Dacron. Mylar was introduced in 1952. Polyester was first introduced to the American public in 1951 as the magical fabric that needed no ironing! PET and PEN are Dupont trademarks that have turned the use and consumption of Polyester around.


Air Mesh Fabric is composed of a more or less narrow network of threads, generally square-crossed as it is for a net. It allows some air to spread through and, rolled on foam-rubber, it remains very flexible.

1. Good air permeability and moderate regulation ability. With the solid mesh structure, it is known as the breathing fabric.Compared to other flat fabric, sandwich fabric breathability is stronger, and air circulation, surface to maintain comfortable and dry

.2. Unique elastic function. With the structure of net and heat setting in procuction.When subjected to force, extends along the direction of the force, when tension decreases when the withdrawal, mesh and restored to its original shape.Material can keep certain elongation in the transverse, longitudinal, and not relaxation deformation.

3. Wear-resistant and never pilling. AIr Mesh fabric is composed of tens of thousands of polymer synthetic fiber yarns, refined from petroleum.Knit weave of warp and become, not only a solid, able to withstand high levels of tensile and tear, smooth and comfortable.

 4. Easy to clean and dry. Air Mesh fabric can be adapt to hand wash, machine wash and dry cleaning, easy to clean up. Structure of three-layer is breathable, ventilation and easy to dry.


EVA is one of the best foams used inside straps. It is a high density foam with good durability. You can generally tell it’s EVA if when you squeeze the strap, it really springs back against your pressure.

– Much more durable compared with foams (commonly used in the cheap bag industry).
– An amazing shock absorber, even at low temperature.


There’s a good reason why all the zippers you own have the letters ‘YKK’ on them

“Little parts, big difference”. These are the words of Mr Tadao Yoshida, founder of YKK zippers, and we could not agree more. YKK Group produces the best zippers on the market.

Wexley uses YKK® zippers for all major compartments to keep your gear safe.


Fidlock fasteners are based on unique technology which has won numerous awards and which is revolutionizing conventional fastening systems.The Fidlock principle brings together the advantages of magnetic fasteners and mechanical locks. The result is a new dimension in terms of functionality, safety, and fun.